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Laddland Cameo

Title: Ch: USA
Sex: Сука
Date of birth: 09.01.1984
Color: черно-подпалый
Studbook: AKC HD116458
Sire: Call To Arms Vom Westphalen
Dam: Knolland Lorna
Breeder: Kaye Ladd

Double brood
PhotoDog nameSexColorBirthdateOwner
info Laddland Call Me Isabel Сука
info Laddland Call Me Madam Сука
info Laddland Wake Up Call Сука

Children of the dog
PhotoDog nameSexOwnerBreederParent
Laddland Audacious Laddland Audacious Кобель Solong Squire Vom Bristleknoll
Laddland Camelot Laddland Camelot Сука Tallavast Apollo
info Laddland Guinevere Сука
info Laddland Pinch Of Cameo Сука Roushland'S Neva Give An Inch

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