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Chilcotin'S Gesundheit

Chilcotin'S Gesundheit

Title: Ch: CAN
Sex: Сука
Color: черно-подпалый
Sire: Rodeo Low Commotion
Dam: Chilcotin'S Roses Are Red

Double brood
PhotoDog nameSexColorBirthdateOwner
Chilcotin'S The Full Monty Chilcotin'S The Full Monty Кобель рыжий 01.12.1998

Children of the dog
PhotoDog nameSexOwnerBreederParent
Chilcotin'S The Black Widow Chilcotin'S The Black Widow Сука Valona'S Eagle Spirit
Litter: 09.12.2002
Chilcotin'S Black Tie Affair Chilcotin'S Black Tie Affair Кобель Tracy And Steve Tuff Valona'S Eagle Spirit

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